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Engineers at PLEN have over 30 years of professional experience. Our experience in design and management includes residential , commercial, civil and public works. We can confidently design with various materials including glass, Aluminium, timber, steel, cast in place concrete and precast.  In our firm we believe the devil is in the details and as such make sure that our designs are perfected. Moreover, we keep an eye on the latest research, any new design techniques that will save you every cents on materials and construction procedures.

Foundation beam continuity

AS2870-2011 the australian code that governs the design of residential slabs and footings specifies the minimum foundation and slab sizes as well as design rules. However, those sizes provided in chapter 3 of the code are subjected to a very important assumption, which is beam continuity. From experience, if a residential foundation slab fails it....


We specialise in providing structural designs for a range of buildings including residential, commercial, medium and high rise structures.

We are experienced in catchment runoff and river overflow modelling. We can provide professional advice  on flood risk mitigation and habitable levels.

We provide detailed stormwater plans to satisfy your council requirements. Our team is specialised in designing roads and embankments.

Our expertise includes Geotechnical designs including deep excavations, ground anchors , foundations and embankment dams.

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