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We take pride in our detailed engineering designs. With our decades of experience across a wide range of projects and our passion for engineer knowledge we believe we can provide our clients with razor sharp designs that can save them thousands on the site.

Our experience includes:

  • Residential foundation designs to AS2870

  • Residential framing to AS1700 and AS4100

  • Suspended floor to the latest AS3600-2018

  • Commercial structures including hot rolled and cold formed steel.

  • Finite element analysis and design.

Furthermore, unlike many engineers, we check the masonry including bricks in your residential structures to wind and compression dead and live load. We miss no chance to make your project safer and cheaper! 

Civil and Stormwater

PLEN's team is very experienced in meeting councils stormwater guidelines. We use DRAINS to model stormwater conveyance network. We put our clients' mind at ease knowing that we can handle even the  most complex of scenarios.

Our team is confidant in the following fields of civil designs:

  • On Site Stormwater Tanks.

  • Pipe network designs.

  • road trunk drainage systems.

  • Evapotransportation trenches.

  • Water sensitive urban design


Our team utilises the newest version of HEC-RAS 5.05 designed by the US army corps of engineers to conduct flood studies. Our studies include overland and river overflow. We provide flood reports as per council requirements and required habitable floor levels.

Flood Modelling

The Geotechnical Engineering Service at PLEN provides professional technical solutions in conformance with Australian Standard regarding to earth materials requirements. We give you the right information to develop cost-effective solutions for your projects.

Geotechnical Services including:

  • Comprehensive site investigation (geotechnical report) for commercial and residential buildings to determine the bearing capacity of soil and rock.  

  • Design shallow and deep foundation using expert software such as STAAD foundation and Geo 5.

  • Specialist design and analysis for shoring (retaining wall) using PLAXIS software at various depths with determining support systems requirement.

  • Site excavation stability / foundation / pile inspections, monitoring and supervision until ending the project. 

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